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Secure, economical & sustainable with end devices and middleware from M2M Control

How M2M Control Pro makes your project a success

Develop, debug, roll out, and operate over time. M2M and IoT projects have many requirements. It’s good when our long-established ecosystem M2M Control Pro already provides all important components:

  • Powerful development tools (IDE), extensive software libraries and hardware-independent programming (IEC 61131-3) ensure short project times and development costs. Powerful middleware (Communication Hub, SQL Connector) takes the complexity out of communication and makes enterprise integration easy.

  • With the Device Management Server and Upgrade & Deployment Server, you can keep a firm grip on your devices worldwide for the entire lifetime of the application. Firmware and application software can be loaded “over the air” for entire fleets of devices.

M2M Control Pro – The comprehensive system for IoT and M2M solutions

With the following components of the M2M Control Pro, your project will be a success in any industry. With our holistic approach, we cover all the challenges of IoT and M2M:

Industry-specific Libraries

Many ready-to-use applications for numerous industries »»

How M2M Control Pro devices make your project simple and reliable

Reliability in the field is the crucial success factor for IoT and M2M projects. Failures or corrections on site are costly and time-consuming and quickly endanger the calculation. It’s good that the M2M Control Pro devices are consistently designed for reliability:

  • Security included: TLS/SSL support for all important TCP based protocols (e.g. MQTT, SMTP, Sockets) with complete certificate management effectively protects your communication, e.g. with a cloud. Proven basis of our devices is a hardened Linux (older devices: RTOS).

  • A device is only as reliable as its power supply, so all our devices have an integrated UPS and sophisticated energy management.

  • If the requirements in the field change, firmware and application software can be easily updated “over the air“. Automatically and with optimized data volume.

  • And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong: the always available watchdog reliably brings our end devices back into your control.

Sustainable solutions for all industries

Each industry has its own requirements for M2M and IoT projects. M2M Control Pro chassis have already provided solutions for numerous industries and we are open to new challenges:

  • Industry-specific libraries are available for a wide range of applications, allowing you to jump start your project.

  • Our partner network continuously develops new solutions for a wide range of industries.

  • We develop customer-specific for your requirements.

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