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Hamburg, December 6, 2019

The CX660 is the latest product in our telematics platform.

The CX660 is one of the most advanced automotive IIoT gateway products available on the market today. Based on the successful CX360 hardware architecture, it offers an additional range of sophisticated functions for the automotive sector, such as a full motion sensor suite, two CAN bus interfaces, global LTE and a compact aluminum housing.

Although the CX660 is based on the latest hardware and our new hardened Linux-based architecture, it offers full backward compatibility. Already implemented and tested applications, e.g. for our proven C650 model, can be executed without changes.

The CX660 is an automotive device designed from the ground up for professional M2M/IIoT applications, with strong on-board I/O capabilities and multiple communication interfaces including worldwide cellular LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth Classic / Low-Energy, Dual CAN bus, Ethernet, Dual RS232, RS485 and 1-Wire.

The CX660 also has two USB host port interfaces that allow the device to be expanded with accessories such as RFID reader, additional Ethernet port and additional RS232/RS485 ports.

The on-board I/O system can be expanded almost indefinitely and completely transparently by adding Modbus I/O modules.

CX660 High-End IoT/M2M Telematics Platform with LTE and Dual CAN

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