System Extensions

Expand the Pro series controllers easily and almost unlimitedly with interfaces and sensors.

Proven in practice: Our system extensions

Our system extensions allow the M2M Control Pro controllers to be extended by an almost unlimited number of additional inputs and outputs, interfaces and sensors. This applies to all expansion modules:

  • Proven in numerous projects and fully compatible with the M2M Control Pro controllers

  • All expansion modules are supported by our software libraries.

  • Since we use all extension modules in projects, we can offer you qualified support.

Modbus extension modules

The Modbus expansion modules are connected via an interference-resistant and easy to wire RS485 bus and can be cascaded as required. Various I/O extensions are available, which can be used without further configuration just like the inputs and outputs available in the telecontrol device. Various gateways to other bus systems are also available:


Reliable sensors for various applications:

1-Wire expansion modules

The inexpensive 1-wire modules are connected via a simple two-wire bus (optional: 3-wire) and require no additional power supply. The robust 1-Wire system thus enables a very simple connection of sensors to the Pro Series controllers:

Extension modules identification + access

Secure identification and access control are an integral part of many projects. We offer you a fast track with the practical iButtons and the integration of RFID tags. Access control systems with Wiegand protocol can also be connected:

What you are looking for is not there?

Please contact us if an extension you require is not listed here. On this page only the frequently used extensions are listed and we are happy to check if a suitable extension is available in our partner network.