Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The IDE allows easy programming, configuration and monitoring of all M2M Control products of the Pro Series.

  • Compliant with IEC 61131-3 ST (structured text), the standard for PLC programming.

  • Comprehensive API documentation, directly integrated into the IDE For quick understanding with many code examples.

  • Integrated project management for program code reuse and version management.

  • With integrated debugger and simulator for fast troubleshooting.

  • Flexible connection of the device either locally (RS232, USB, LAN) or remotely via mobile radio.

Communication Hub (GPRS, UMTS, LTE, 5G, IP)

The Communication Hub is a “middleware” solution for the M2M Control Pro product line. It allows an uncomplicated communication between the telemetry devices and (mostly server-based) software applications as well as between the telemetry devices among themselves via mobile radio (GPRS, UMTS, LTE, 5G). Support for the Communication Hub is an integral part of the firmware of all M2M Control Pro products.

  • Can be used worldwide in all mobile networks.

  • Monitoring the availability of the end devices

  • no fixed/public IP addresses required on the mobile side

  • Highly scalable (several thousand end devices per gateway)

  • Inexpensive solution

Upgrade- & Deployment Server

The Upgrade & Deployment Server (UDS) enables fully automatic updating of both the application software and the firmware of the Pro Series controllers. The transfer (download) of the software takes place via mobile radio (Firmware over the Air – FOTA). Der Upgrade & Deployment Server stellt sicher, dass auf den konfigurierten Geräten immer die richtige Anwendungssoftware und Firmware läuft. Changing or updating the software is thus easy and above all fully automatic (firmware management).

  • Fully automatic commissioning of newly delivered controllers.

  • Fully automatic upgrade of firmware and application

  • Management of entire device fleets (up to 10,000 devices per UDS)

  • The function of the devices is not affected during the transfer of firmware or application.

Device Management Server

The Device Management Server (DMS) monitors individual devices and entire fleets of devices consisting of Pro Series controllers for all operating parameters. In addition to concrete tips for optimisation, the results are also data from which key figures can be derived regarding the operation of IoT, M2M, telecontrol and telematics applications. This enables benchmarking using a wide range of parameters (e.g. SIM providers).

  • For all devices of the Pro Series (including OEM and modules)
  • Recording of various operating parameters
  • scalable
  • inexpensive solution

SQL Connector

The SQL Connector allows our Pro Series controllers to communicate directly with SQL databases. Any data can be written to SQL databases via mobile networks and processed further from there.

  • Direct connection of corporate IT via SQL (without detours via FTP or special software).

  • No restrictions in language range.

  • Scalable via users and databases

  • Inexpensive solution in development and operation

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