Field-tested accessories for the controllers of the  Pro -Series.

Proven in practice: Our accessories

Nothing works without accessories like power supply, cables or antennas, our selection of accessories for the M2M Control Pro controllers fits perfectly. This applies to all accessories:

  • Proven in numerous projects and fully compatible with the M2M Control Pro controllers

  • Since we use all accessories in projects, we can offer you qualified support.

  • Please contact us if you are looking for special accessories!


Here we present a selection of our antennas for many applications that have been proven in projects:


With our programming cables, a PC with the development environment (IDE) can be connected directly to a controller:

Power supplies

Our compact power supplies are ideally suited to reliably power our controllers and system expansions.


Here are the extensions that do not fit into any other category:

What you are looking for is not there?

Please contact us if the accessories you require are not listed here. On this page only the frequently used accessories are listed and we are happy to check if suitable accessories are available in our partner network.