RMA handling


We offer you an uncomplicated, fast RMA processing

So that your return or repair can be processed quickly, we need your help.


For the processing of returns (RMA) we keep an RMA number.

Please note the following points:

  • Returns without a valid RMA No. or unpaid items cannot be processed and will be returned to the sender for a fee.
  • Please indicate the RMA no. with the return shipment on all papers and attach a copy of the delivery note with the RMA no. into the package.
  • Please always quote the RMA no. when making inquiries about returns .

We need the following information from you for a fast RMA processing:

  • Item number
  • Serial number
  • Precise error description
  • Your contact details for queries

One RMA number is required per part .

Therefore, please request a separate RMA number for each product/device with its own form.


Together with the RMA No. you will receive a return address from us. Please return the goods only to this address.

Professional packaging

Returns must be properly packed so that the goods are protected against shock, vibration, impact and electrostatic discharge (according to the ESD guidelines IEC/TS/EN61340-5-1).

Guarantee claim

The warranty claim is void if the product has been damaged/destroyed by external mechanical/electrical influences. In this case you will receive a separate cost statement and the goods will be returned to the sender carriage forward.

Shipping costs

The sender bears the costs for the entry. This includes freight, postage, packaging, customs or other charges.

In the event of a warranty claim, Infranet Technologies will pay the cost of delivery to the sender. If there is no case of warranty, the sender bears the costs for the return shipment.

The General Terms and Conditions of Infranet Technologies GmbH apply.

Please send us the form by email () or fax (+49 40 69647-259) We will then send you an RMA number .


Please mark your return with the provided RMA numbers.

Thanks a lot.