Unlimited possibilities with modules

Our business model is based on your requirements. Together with you, we design exactly the solution that meets your goals and also the goals of your customers in terms of function and economy. Among other things we offer..:

  • Low time to market by using proven designs (hardware and firmware)

  • Cost optimization through adapted design and omission of cabling, housing etc.

  • Space optimization, since no separate housing for the IoT/M2M controller is required

Reliable integrations based on M2M Control Pro

You can rely on our experience and technological know-how in the development of sustainable systems for M2M, IoT, telecontrol and telematics projects. For over a decade we have been developing customer-specific solutions for customers from various industries, which are integrated into systems as modules (plug-in cards).

  • A whole family of designs is available as a basis for integration.

  • Powerful development tools (IDE),extensive software libraries and hardware-independent programming ensure low project durations and development costs. Powerful middleware (Communication Hub, SQL Connector) takes the complexity out of communication and makes enterprise integration easy.

  • With the Device Management Server and Upgrade & Depoyment Server, you can keep your devices firmly under control worldwide throughout the entire lifetime of the application. Firmware and application software can be loaded “over the air” for entire fleets of devices.

Further information

Contact us to learn more about how we work and what we offer in the area of customized modules.