The Pro Ecosystem.

For IoT, M2M, telecontrol and telematics projects

The advantages of the M2M Control Pro ecosystem for IoT and M2M

Everything for economical IoT/M2M solutions for every industry

Our Pro Ecosystem has all the necessary components finely tuned so that you can quickly and easily implement stable and secure applications and operate them economically in the long term.

The benefits of our ecosystem

Our ecosystem is a basket of products and services that simplify the development and operation of IoT/M2M products and services and – from an economic perspective – often make them possible at all. With our ecosystem, we have all the important elements in place to provide successful long-term solutions. There are many products on offer, but sophisticated solutions that prove their worth over the long term are rare. You will find what you are looking for here:

  • Reduction of complexity, as many basic problems (e.g. security, protocols etc.) are already solved by the ecosystem

  • Lower development costs by building on existing, proven building blocks (e.g. fault indicators, data loggers, industry-specific standard applications/libraries)

  • Shorter time-to-market due to reduced development and testing effort.

  • Reduced operating costs through systematic and scalable device management with e.g. OTA (“over the air”) updates of all components.

  • Simplified lifecycle management ensures operation even over long periods of time and solves the challenge of long-term compatibility.

The components of our ecosystem

Our ecosystem is designed to support you in all project phases, from development and integration, to deployment and long-term operation, including life cycle management to make life easy. This includes the following essential components:

Powerful and intuitive development environment

Programmable end devices are only as good as the tools that belong to them. With powerful tools the route to stable programs is faster:

  • Comprehensive API documentation, directly integrated into the IDE For quick understanding with many code examples.

  • Integrated project management for program code reuse and version management.

  • With integrated debugger and simulator for fast troubleshooting.

  • Flexible connection of the device either locally (RS232, USB, LAN) or remotely via mobile radio.

Tried and tested standard libraries

So that you do not have to start your development “from scratch”, many proven standard libraries are already available as a solid basis:

  • Professional data logger, long-term stable and specially adapted to the hardware.

  • Fault reporting functions with variable alarm per eMail, SMS, Voice or an API.

  • Extensive protocol support, e.g. M-Bus, Modbus, CAN, MQTT, 1-Wire, UMB

  • Cloud communication for many leading IoT platform providers

  • Connection of machines (SCADA)

  • Industry-specific libraries, e.g. for applications in the energy industry or Water

Middleware for easy integration and secure operation

IoT and M2M end devices usually have to communicate with central instances and therefore require integration, both in terms of the mobile infrastructure used and in the company’s IT infrastructure. Device management of the devices in the field must also be ensured, especially important when it comes to larger fleets of devices or critical applications.

  • Communication Hub (for IP, GPRS, UMTS, LTE and 5G) for bidirectional communication even without fixed or public IP addresses

  • SQL-Connector for seamless integration of end devices into many SQL databases, the easy way to enterprise integration.

Wide range of proven devices

The M2M Control Pro Controller are available in many different versions. Numerous mounting variants and interface equipment are available. Common to all devices is, among other things:

  • Extreme reliability for long-term use

  • Security included: TLS/SSL support for all important TCP based protocols (e.g. MQTT, SMTP, Sockets) with complete certificate management effectively protects your communication, e.g. with a cloud.

  • Integrated UPS and sophisticated energy management.

Long-term compatibility and availability

Applications supported by M2M, IoT or telecontrol usually have a very long lifetime. 20 years or more is not unusual. IT and also communication technology, on the other hand, is very short-lived. This is a contrast that confronts many projects with major – and in many cases economically unviable – problems in the long term. Our solution:

Long product life cycles:

  • careful component selection (tool-supported determination of long-term availability)

  • Stock of spare equipment and spare parts

Our compatibility manifesto:

  • Each device generation is backward binary compatible for at least one generation.

  • Full source code compatibility for at least two generations backwards.

Are you looking for reliable and durable IoT, M2M or telecontrol solutions?

On the basis of our ecosystem, you, we or our partner network realize your optimal solution. Please contact us!