IEC 61131-3 ST development environment

A true integrated development environment for the Pro Controllers, where all tasks are performed within the environment.

IEC 61131-3 ST IDE/Simulator for IoT/M2M

All functions integrated

Folding Editor with Code Wizard
Documentation + examples

The Pro Series controllers are programmed using VPL, an IEC 61131-3 ST (structured text) compliant language. VPL is structured, easy to understand and the standard for PLC programming. In the integrated development environment you will find everything you need: A powerful editor with syntax support, online documentation and a code wizard. A full-featured simulator allows extensive debugging without hardware. The debugger supports both local debugging in the target hardware (via USB or RS-232) and worldwide remote debugging via the Communication Hub. An uploader for application programs and also firmware completes the package.

Powerful editor with project management

The editor offers syntax highlighting for the VPL programming language, an extensive online help for all API functions and a code wizard to automatically complete API calls, very helpful especially for rarely used functions. The folding function provides better clarity even with longer code sections. A project management supports the structuring and reuse of the program code as well as version maintenance.

Comprehensive API

The API with over 1000 functions (still growing) covers all functional areas required for the effective creation of IoT, M2M, telecontrol and telematics applications (e.g. TCP, MQTT, 1-Wire, Mode… Hardware specifications of all controllers, data loggers, fault indicators, GNSS…).

Powerful simulator

The Simulator is a virtual execution environment that accurately emulates all current Pro Series controllers. The emulator can be used as a stand-alone tool or quickly integrated into the IDE to closely link coding and testing. It is based on the same source code as the actual Pro device firmware. Nearly all functions and the behavior of each physical device are precisely emulated. This ensures precise emulation of application software without uploading to the target environment with minimal restrictions.

Debugger mit Remote-Unterstützung

The debugger allows effective testing of VPL application programs on a target system, supporting all HW features of all Pro Controllers. The IDE is connected to the target system either locally via USB or RS-232 or remotely via the Communication Hub.


“Program today, run tomorrow”: Thanks to our compatibility manifesto, you can be sure that your software programmed today will continue to run without modification on future Pro Series controllers. Essential for a low TCO (total cost of ownership) for long-term projects

Hardware independent

“Write once, run anywhere”: The generated programs run on all Pro Series controllers, regardless of the CPU and underlying operating system.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 (Windows 7 is supported but not recommended)
  • Interface for connection of controller as required (USB, RS232, Ethernet)

All details

If you need further information: Have a look at the IDE manual offered in the downloads or just contact us.

Screenshot 1: IDE with some open windows

Screenshot 2: Simulator

All details

If you need further information: Have a look at the IDE manual offered in the downloads or just contact us.