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Server application for secure and worldwide provisioning of firmware and applications

Die IoT/M2M Middleware Upgrade- und Deployment Server

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Secure provisioning
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The Upgrade & Deployment Server (UDS) enables fully automatic updating of both the application software and the firmware of the Pro Series controllers. The transfer (download) of the software takes place via mobile radio (Firmware over the Air – FOTA). Der Upgrade & Deployment Server stellt sicher, dass auf den konfigurierten Geräten immer die richtige Anwendungssoftware und Firmware läuft. Changing or updating the software is thus easy and above all fully automatic (firmware management).

Fast and effective

Commissioning distributed devices and providing them with firmware and application updates becomes a difficult task as the number of devices increases. The Upgrade and Deployment Server organizes the software statuses of entire device fleets and thus ensures easy commissioning and smooth operation. During the transfer of the firmware/application the operation of the devices is not affected. The activation of the updated firmware/application is either centrally controlled or you leave it up to the application to determine an operationally optimal time.

Secure communication

The communication of the Upgrade & Deployment Server is based on our Communication Hub. Therefore the communication is always encrypted (AES/TLS) and with authentication and is possible worldwide in all mobile networks. The communication parameters are administered centrally and only once.


The Upgrade & Deployment Server (UDS) is also suitable for large device fleets. Up to 10,000 controllers per UDS can be maintained in the field, several 100 controllers can be updated simultaneously. And: You can operate the UDS (and its data) exactly as you need it: As a cloud solution, as a managed service in your data centre or even as a self-hosted solution. A transition is possible at any time.

Simple operation

Device groups, firmware and application versions and update dates can be easily managed via a Windows user interface. Reporting functions give you an overview of the version status of your devices in the field at any time.

Integrability & Expandability

The Upgrade & Deployment Server provides an interface (API) that allows all functions of the UDS to be controlled externally from an enterprise IT system. This enables, for example, the provisioning of devices from an ERP. In this way, the total cost of living of M2M, IoT and telecontrol applications can be kept under control.


IoT, M2M, telecontrol and telematics applications usually have a long lifetime. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a solution usually consists largely of the operating costs (communication, hosting, maintenance). We offer lifetime licensing per UDS and thus enable attractive long-term prices for complete solutions (the number of possible end devices is already covered by the license of the mobile gateway).

System requirements

  • Windows Server
  • Communication Hub

All details

If you need further information: Have a look at the manual offered in the downloads or simply contact us.

Figure 1: Network diagram Upgrade and Deployment Server

Network diagram for the use of the IoT/M2M middleware upgrade and deployment servers

Pictograms: OSA / CC By SA 3.0

All details

If you need further information: Have a look at the manual offered in the downloads or simply contact us.