SQL Connector

Easy integration with SQL databases

Server application for secure, worldwide and direct connection of Pro Series controllers to SQL databases

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Secure connection

The SQL Connector allows our Pro Series controllers to communicate directly with SQL databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres). Arbitrary data can be securely written to SQL databases via mobile networks and further processed from there. An information query from SQL databases (query), e.g. to query configuration data, is supported as well as the complete range of the language.

Easy integration into corporate IT

The SQL Connector allows the controllers of Pro Series to communicate directly with databases, just like normal applications or users. The entire SQL language range is available, of course only within the scope of the rights granted. For the company IT this means that the data of the controllers is stored in the proven and well controllable environment of corporate IT. The costly detour via IoT portals (clouds) or special application software for communication can be avoided.

Secure connection

The access rights of the Pro Controllers to the databases are regulated, as for any other application, with the proven mechanisms of the databases and are therefore very finely adjustable. The management of the access rights of the Pro Controllers is thus seamlessly integrated into the proven approaches in the company. Communication is always encrypted (AES) and with further authentication at the SQL Connector (or Communication Hub).

High performance and scalable

The SQL Connector uses proven IT methods and tools. Its “slim” design enables high transaction rates, assuming appropriate database performance. The SQL Connector is scalable via databases and users.


The SQL Connector is the “direct” way into your company IT. Other ways, e.g. via cloud services (IoT platforms) are usually billed via data points and per date transmitted. Especially when scaling an application, astonishing costs can arise which endanger the economic efficiency. The SQL-Connector is available at a low price per lifetime license. You can also use the SQL Connector “out of the box”, only a basic configuration (databases) is required. Costly special programming is not necessary.

System requirements

  • Windows Server
  • preferred: fixed public IP address (IPV4)
  • alternative: mobile gateway (for smaller installations)
  • supported SQL database (currently MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, others on request)

All details

If you need further information: Have a look at the manual offered in the downloads or simply contact us.

Figure 1: Network diagram SQL Connector (preferred variant)

Network diagram for using the IoT/M2M Middleware SQL-Connector

Pictograms: OSA / CC By SA 3.0

Figure 2: Network diagram SQL Connector (for small installations)

Pictograms: OSA / CC By SA 3.0

All details

If you need further information: Have a look at the manual offered in the downloads or simply contact us.


  • User Manual