M2M Control Cloud Services

IoT, M2M, telecontrol and telematics solutions are only as reliable as the connecting and supporting middleware. We offer you all middleware components (communication hub, SQL connector, upgrade and deployment server and device management) as well as MQTT brokers and clients as cloud services. We work in the background to ensure that your solution is available securely and permanently:

  • Hosting in certified data centers in Germany.

  • Professional operation with active patch, update and backup management.

  • Trouble-free scaling when changing the number of end devices.

  • A data migration to the customer’s own servers is possible at any time.

On Premise – Managed Service

Do you want or need to keep all your business data “in the house”? In this case we offer to operate all middleware components (Communication Hub, SQL-Connector, Upgrade- and Deployment Server and the Device Management) as well as MQTT Broker and Clients on your server – secure remote access provided. Also in this arrangement, we ensure in the background that your IoT, M2M, telecontrol or telematics solution is available securely and permanently:

  • Support with the integration into your corporate IT.

  • Professional operation the middleware with active patch, update and backup management

  • Further services (e.g. SCADA connections) are possible by arrangement.

Further information

Contact us if you want to learn more about Cloud Services and Managed Services. We are happy to advise you.

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