Firmware Version 5.13

Released: January, 2021.

Das M2M Control Pro Ökosystem

X32 / NX32 Firmware 5.13:


  • Enhanced support for GNSS Untethered Dead Reckoning
  • Support for the new Heartbeat – rchHeartBeat() – functionality introduced in  RTCU Communication Hub V1.04
  • New function mqttConnectionLoss() that returns whether the MQTT has been interrupted.
  • New netPingS() (ICMP echo) function.
  •  Support for zero-length CAN bus messages.

NX32 Runtime-Firmware 1.74:


  • Port forward / router functionality allowing WAN traffic to be routed to the LAN side.
  • Support for Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) (requires hardware support).
  • Security: Debug messages are disabled until a successful login.
  • Security: Unsuccessful login attempts will be blocked for a certain period of time.
  • Enhanced security in relation to device credentials and local access.
  • Support for zero-length CAN bus messages.

Bug Fixes:

  • CAN message filtering could block with multiple filters.
  • boardSysSwitchGet() and boardSysSwitchSet() did not return correct values.
  • Non-blocking TCP/IP socket could signal connected even when not the case.
  • Non-blocking TCP/IP sockets could block up-to 10..11 seconds.
  • The SD-CARD filesystem was not accessible after a boardWatchdog reset.
  • On CX4xx Devices: gsmPower off/on did not successfully complete when using in combination gpsPower.
  • On CX4xx and CX6xx Devices: Cases where gsmPower never returned.

Runtime-firmware V1.74.00 requires System-firmware V1.07.00.