Firmware 5.04

Released: June 25, 2019.

Das M2M Control Pro Ökosystem


  • Enhanced Garmin FMI (version 3.6) support for NX32 devices, with advanced new features: Custom forms, sensor display, speed alerts, avoidance areas, higher baud-rate, remote reboot and more.
  • Support for GALILEO on M2M Control C6xx device.
    GALILEO is currently supported on C6xx  with serial-number 286844002 and later. New function gnssGetProfile() to query which GNSS systems that are available.
  • New API to manage the Debug / Console log to the file-system.
    See DebugSetLogParam() and debugGetLogParam().
  • New network monitoring API that supports DNS and ICMP PING.
    See netSetMonitorParam() / netGetMonitorParam().
  • Enhanced support for the M2M Control C370
    New ‚access technology‘ parameter added to gsmSetProvider()
  • Virtual-machine support for EIS3 (Enhanced Instruction Set V3): Dynamic strings with a length of up to 16384 characters.
    Unsigned integer with USINT, UINT, and BYTE data types.
    DOUBLE (64 bit) precision floating point support.
  • Support for DOUBLE: Dual mode FLOAT/DOUBLE precision math library.
    strToDouble and doubleToStr conversion functions.
  •  Runtime optimization with an up to 10% increase in execution speed.
  • All relevant functions have been enhanced with support for long strings.
  • Runtime fault when the maximum number of timers has been exceeded.
  • Support for the enhanced System information and new Network information available in the  M2M Control IDE V9.50.
  • gsmNetworkTime() extended to return both UTC and the local time.
  •  Enhanced CAN bus filter functionality.

Bug Fixes:

  • A problem to connect to LTE NB1 networks on the M2M Control C360.
  • April 6, 2019 GPS week-rollover problem on some devices.
    When the GPS almanac is lost the devices reverts to year 2099 and never returns a position.
    Powering off the GNSS/GPS receiver did not work correctly resulting in too high power consumption.
  • Disabling DNS lookup check with „$DNS=0“ did not work.