Firmware 4.66

Released: March 12, 2018.

Das M2M Control Pro Ökosystem


  • gsmGetICCID() now returns the full length from the SIM card.
  • New function ioInputDefaultSet() to control the behaviour of
    outputs when an I/O extension fails.

Bug Fixes:

  • Detection of multiple simultaneous accelerometer events could stop generating new events.
  • Opening a file with an absolute path to the project-drive failed.

  • Prolonged time to start UMTS in certain networks on C52x and C3xx devices.

  • Possible disconnection in some VMNO environments where switching operators are often performed.

  • ioNetEnable failed when called repeatedly.

  • DisplayLine did not work when x2 or y2 is smaller than x1 and y1.