CX Firmware 1.54.00

Released: February 28, 2020.

Das M2M Control Pro Ökosystem


  •  Support for the M2M Control Communication Hub
    •  Secure connections with X.509 certificates.
    •  Standard connections that are compatible with the M2M GPRS Gateway.
    •  Automatic recovery fallback from a secure connection to a standard connection.
  •  Support for Bluetooth LE service data.
  •  New netPing() (ICMP echo) VPL functionblock.
  •  Crash dumps are now created when a crash occurs in an M2M Platform extension.
  •  Increase of the number of timers (TON/TOF/TP/TPERIOD) from 50 to 200.
  •  Increase of the memory vector size from 4096 to 8192.

Bug Fixes:

  • Unreliable FTP transfer with possible system crash.
  • Default IGNITION I/O mapping did not work correctly on the CX660.
  • The default Modbus port on the CX460 was not set correctly.
  • Cellular packet session prematurely terminated during lack of coverage.
  • gpsSetSpeedThreshold() did not work correctly.
  • gpsUpdateFreq() did not revert correctly back to 1 hz.

Runtime-firmware V1.54.00 requires System-firmware V1.06.00.