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Plant disease forecasting and warning system

Plant protection measures can be optimised through the digital recording and evaluation of environmental data. Example: Septoria timer.

A Septoria Timer is a forecasting and warning device for the plant disease Septoria tritici (Septoria leaf drought). The aim is to predict the time of a Septoria infection in wheat as precisely as possible on the basis of local environmental data (mainly weather data).

Correctly timed fungicide measures lead to significant cost savings and help to avoid resistance. A Septoria Timer helps to answer the question when and therefore how often a treatment should be performed.

A Septoria Timer is a combination of an agricultural weather station/sensor and a software-based forecasting model.

Self-sufficient energy supply necessary

Applications in digital crop protection are a good example of plants that urgently need a self-sufficient energy supply, because which field already has a power outlet. The controllers from M2M Control have been specially developed for such applications and feature sophisticated energy management:

  • Low power consumption through different execution speeds and different sleep modes and wake-up events

  • Internal buffer battery with intelligent charging logic and support for larger external battery

  • Support for solar power supply

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