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There is a professional data logger in every Pro Controller!

Data logging is simply part of many control and monitoring tasks, whether for documentation (which may be required by law) or for error detection and analysis. The Pro series controllers already have everything you need already on board:

  • Data logger function already anchored in the operating system
  • Unlimited number of data points¹
  • Any cycle times¹
  • Logging of any data source (e.g. digital, analog, ModBus, CAN, M-Bus)
  • Persistent storage (in the internal flash memory, a flash drive and/or on an SD card)
  • Powerfail-safe due to built-in UPS
  • Wide range of transmission options for the measured values (e.g. FTP, SMTP, MQTT, REST or direct transmission to an SQL database)

¹ Limited only by memory and computing power

Data logging for all applications and industries

The data logger integrated in the Pro Controllers is universally designed and is used successfully in many industries and applications.

These include, for example:

  • Energy
  • Water management (fresh and waste water)
  • Building technology
  • Environmental measurement technology
  • Agricultural technology
  • (Special) vehicle technology
  • Process monitoring

Thanks to the large number of realized projects, the Pro data logger is sure to cover the special requirements of your application. Talk to us and put us to the test!

Data logging made easy

The Pro Controllers make it easy to implement professional data logging in your application, even if your requirements are demanding:

  • The data logger can be parameterized easily and extremely flexibly, e.g. also for adapting the data format supplied by bus devices (ModBus, M-Bus, CAN).
  • Support in the planning and implementation of data logging by our experts.
  • Commercially attractive: No license fees per device.

Please contact us! We will be happy to show you how to integrate professional data logging into your application.

Case study:
Monitoring the storage of products in silos

Problem definition:

Many things can happen when storing bulk goods in silos, e.g. condensation and temperature problems. As a result, the product can clump and adhere to the inner walls and, in extreme cases, even block the silo. Product spoilage due to mold growth is also possible.

This can be caused, for example, by the product being blown in with excessively humid air or fluctuations in the outside temperature and humidity. Hygroscopic products stored in silos are particularly problematic

This can result in poor product quality, production disruptions and increased maintenance costs. The resulting economic damage caused by production disruptions, poor product quality and increased maintenance costs can quickly take on considerable proportions.

Solution approach:

The Pro Controller and data logger continuously monitors the humidity and temperature in the silo using sensors. These measured values are collected for documentation purposes. The controller activates the ventilation and the dehumidifier according to the measured values inside the silo and in the surrounding area until a safe condition is established.


Permanent monitoring, logging and control ensure consistently high product quality. Storage in the silo is low-maintenance and inexpensive to integrate into the production processes and ensures high productivity and low production costs.

Further information

Do you have any questions about data logging or our solutions and products? Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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