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Integration of Wiegand systems

The de-facto industry standard for the integration of card readers and fingerprint readers for access control is the so-called “Wiegand protocol”. M2M Control offers a plug-n-play connection of commercially available readers (e.g. card readers from HID) with Wiegand interface in form of a small and inexpensive “Wiegand-Converter”.

The Wiegand converter transfers the information transmitted in the Wiegand protocol into Modbus registers, which can easily be evaluated by the M2M Control telecontrol devices or by any PLC.

Easy integration of identification and access control

Secure identification and access control are an integral part of many projects that are essential applications:

  • Driver/operator identification
  • Time and presence control
  • Access control
  • Accounting/cost center accounting

Our controllers are prepared for a fast, robust, secure and at the same time inexpensive identification via iButton and RFID tags.

The comprehensive support in the development environment with complete examples ensures easy integration into your application.

Field report:
User identification for cleaning machines

Problem definition:

A manufacturer of floor cleaning machines found that customers often complained that cleaning was not carried out due to a lack of battery charge. Furthermore, a remarkably large number of “accidents”, i.e. damage to furniture and the cleaning machine, were reported.

Solution approach:

The manufacturer’s development department then developed an IoT/M2M-based solution that uses an IoT/M2M connection to record the battery status of the machine and requests battery charging at the end of a shift. In addition, the drivers received individually coded keys in the form of iButtons so that the driver-specific operating and movement data (GPS) could be recorded.


The fact that the driving behaviour of the individual can be documented in this way led directly to a much more careful use with significantly fewer accidents, thus greatly reducing costs. And the original problem of forgotten battery charges was also a thing of the past.

Further information

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