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Silo monitoring prevents damage and optimises processes

Bulk material, grain or fodder silos can be efficiently remote-monitored with M2M Control modules. For this purpose various parameters can be recorded, e.g:

  • Fill level monitoring
  • Temperatures,
  • Humidity,

In addition to the continuous recording of measured variables (data logging) and their storage in central systems or clouds, faults and alarms can also be signalled directly via GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE mobile phone networks (SMS, eMail).

A wide variety of sensors and measuring hangers can be connected to the M2M control modules. For this purpose the modules offer several digital, analog and serial interfaces and network connections. Free programmability (Soft PLC, IEC 61131) and broad protocol support allow sensors from different manufacturers to be connected.

Application examples for silo monitoring are

  • Monitoring of grain or other agricultural products (pests, rot processes),
  • Documentation of the storage conditions,
  • Fill level monitoring for logistics optimization (e.g. automatic reordering)

Numerous interfaces for flexible use

In practice, a wide variety of sensors, systems and concepts from various manufacturers are used for monitoring silos. A structured and future-proof integration therefore requires the support of various interfaces and protocols in order to be able to cover the requirements of different constellations – also in the future or retrofitting.

  • Flexible connection of existing systems to network them (via contacts, various protocols).

  • Retrofitting of existing systems via direct connection of the sensor technology

  • Connection of all sensor types via various interfaces (analogue, digital, serial, various protocols), also rotary blade level sensors with slip clutch are supported.

  • Networking of silo monitoring systems, even over long distances or across locations.

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