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Rainwater retention basins Logging & Control

The logging of impoundment and overflow events of rainwater overflow basins, rain retention basins (RÜB) and storage sewers for monitoring and as a basis for planning is becoming increasingly important. A decentralized measurement technology based on mobile radio (LTE, UMTS, GPRS) offers an optimal and inexpensive solution.

The M2M Control telecontrol systems are ideal for the secure acquisition, storage and transmission of the relevant measured variables and events:

  • Start and end of basin impoundment (impoundment duration)
  • Start and end basin overflow
  • Overflow quantities
  • Number of impounding operations and overflows
  • impoundment course / hydrograph

The choice of sensor technology is flexible, various sensors for water level (pressure, radar) and flow can be used. In addition, the systems can be extended almost indefinitely, e.g. for recording further parameters (e.g. flow rate, precipitation, temperature).

Our standard water management libraries are available for rapid development.

Efficient solution through high integration

The modern M2M/IoT technology of the telecontrol systems from M2M Control allows rainwater overflow basins, rainwater retention basins and storage sewers to be monitored and controlled effectively and cost-effectively, as all functions are integrated in a freely programmable device:

  • local control (e.g. pumps, sliders) via PLC functionality according to IEC 61131-3

  • secure data logging of all operating data (e.g. overflow processes/quantities impoundment process, …) to meet the legal documentation requirements

  • active fault messages in case of malfunctions or faulty states of the system, either directly by voice message, SMS or e-mail or via a central server

  • inexpensive and wireless data transmission via mobile radio (LTE, UMTS, GPRS) for central operational management, storage and documentation

Note long running times!

Water management plants have a very long service life. To avoid unnecessary efforts and costs in the future, the control and monitoring technology must also be designed for long periods of use.

With our compatibility manifesto we have created a basis for long-lasting solutions:

  • Future device generations are fully (backward) compatible with today’s devices and existing software can be used unchanged.

  • Future replacement of the control technology, e.g. due to technology changes, can therefore usually be carried out without new programming.

Further information

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