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Level measurement and level monitoring

Water levels in waters, canals, outflows or wells can be logged and monitored with M2M Control data loggers. The data can be transmitted at low cost via mobile phone networks (LTE, UMTS, GPRS) to central offices or databases.

Various sensors can be connected to the M2M Control data loggers, e.g.

  • Level probes,
  • Radar sensors,
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Flow meter.

Thanks to the free programmability (PLC function according to IEC 61131-3) of the M2M Control data loggers, the evaluation and preprocessing of the sensor signals can be individually designed and thus easily adapted to the requirements.

The sensor data are continuously recorded in the integrated data logger, alarms are triggered if required. Many protocols are available for data transmission: Email (with file attachment), FTP, HTTP, SQL, XML, MQTT, JSON – but proprietary protocols can also be implemented.

Fault messages and alarms can be signalled as voice messages, SMS, email or via a connection to a control centre (alarm server).

Autarkic level measurements

Level measurements often take place in places that are difficult to access, where a power supply is not always available or can only be produced at high cost. The controllers from M2M Control have been specially developed for such applications and feature sophisticated energy management:

  • Low power consumption through different execution speeds and different sleep modes and wake-up events

  • Internal buffer battery with intelligent charging logic and support for larger external battery

  • Support for solar power supply

From the level directly into the database

In many cases, it is advisable to store the measurement data in a central SQL database and to process them further from there. The path to the database usually leads via a cloud service or a specific server component with operating or development costs that should not be underestimated.

Our generic middleware SQL connector allows our controllers to communicate directly with SQL databases. Arbitrary data can thus be efficiently written to SQL databases via mobile networks and further processed from there.

  • Direct connection of corporate IT via SQL (without detours via FTP or special software).

  • Scalable via users and databases

  • Inexpensive solution in development and operation

Further information

Do you have questions about level measurement and level monitoring? Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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