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Remote controlled reduction of the feed-in power

According to the Act on the Priority of Renewable Energies (Renewable Energy Sources Act – EEG §6), generation plants with an installed active electrical capacity of more than 100 kW must have a device for the remote-controlled reduction of the feed-in power in the event of grid overload (see: § 6 EEG).

In the event of line overloads, a temporary reduction of the feed-in power is made, taking into account the priority of renewable energies and generation from CHP plants. A call is made by a signal to reduce the feed-in power of a plant to 60%, 30% or 0% of its nominal power, depending on requirements.

Our “feed-in management” application transmits the signal for reducing the feed-in power to the individual plants via GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE mobile networks or the Internet (TCP/IP). At the same time, the plant management (e.g. mill keeper) is informed about the temporary reduction by SMS and/or email.

A master module receives the information directly or via a ripple control receiver of the grid operator and sends it to up to 100 slave modules of the generating plants (wind power, photovoltaics, CHP). The following interfaces are supported:

  • digital inputs

  • analog inputs

  • RS-232 / RS-485

  • digital outputs

The remote control of EEG plants for the reduction of the feed-in power is thus secure and cost-effective.

This application can be easily combined with solutions for remote meter reading (AMR) and power quality analysis.

Note long running times!

EEG plants have a very long lifetime – if only because of the subsidy period of 20 years. To avoid unnecessary efforts and costs, a solution for feed-in management must also be adapted to this term.

With our compatibility manifesto we have created a basis for long-lasting solutions:

  • Future device generations are fully (backward) compatible with today’s devices and existing software can be used unchanged.

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