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Control and documentation for animal welfare with IoT/M2M technology

In animal production, especially in force-ventilated barns in pig and poultry farming, the climate in barns has a direct influence on the health and well-being of farm animals and is also regulated by ordinances (in D e.g. by the TierSchNutzV).

It must therefore be ensured that malfunctions in the air supply are detected and signalled in good time. Our IoT/M2M Edge Controllers of the Pro Series can monitor various aspects of the stable climate and signal malfunctions directly via voice message, SMS, email or a server/control room and thus provide timely warnings before damage occurs:

  • Ventilation (including the speed of the fans)

  • Gas concentrations (e.g. NH3)

  • Climate (e.g. temperature, humidity, lighting)

  • Other values, e.g. energy or water consumption

All measured values can be recorded (data logging) and also transferred to a central server or a cloud. The result is complete documentation without any effort.

Reliability first!

Since malfunctions in the air supply can very quickly cause major damage, high demands must be placed on monitoring via IoT/M2M:

  • Detection and reporting of power failures. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, our devices also report this critical operating state reliably.

  • Robust against environmental influences: Our devices are safely protected against rough environmental influences in housings with protection class IP65. The extended operating temperature range of -30..+60 °C is also easily sufficient even with unfavourable installation.

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