M2M Control IDE Development Environment

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the M2M Control "Pro Series" modules is an easy-to-use program for all aspects involved in the development of applications. The IDE contains a broad range of features such as project control, comprehensive online help, built-in syntax highlighting editor, code generating wizard, voice recorder, etc.

The programs are written in VPL. The VPL programming language is a high-level language following the international standard IEC 61131-3 (ST) for PLC's. VPL (Structured Text) is similar to the high-level language PASCAL, C or BASIC and is used for this reason by numerous programmers. VPL uses statements like IF...THEN or FOR...NEXT. Syntax and set of instructions of ST are optimally suited for controling input and outputs, mathematical calculations ordata manipulations. Programmers get an extremely flexible tool which opens up a great number of possibilities.

 A built-in simulator enables complete simulation of all features on the control unit: GSM, GPRS, SMS messaging, GPS, analog / digital I/O etc. A remote update feature allows the application developer to download new versions of a program, firmware or voice messages to a remote control unit via a modem connection or GPRS. All of these features combinedenable the user to cut development time down to a minimum.




System requirements:

  • Pentium-class 2 GHz or better.
  • Minimum 2 GB MB RAM
  • Minimum 50 MByte available space on hard disk.
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
  • 1 available USB port. (or RS232 serial port for certain devices)
  • Optional: modem and internet connection.


M2M Control IDE Development Environment

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