M2M Control C610

The M2M Control C610 is a GSM/GPRS and GPS-based remote control unit especially suitable for mobile tracking and control applications. The C610 is the economical variant of the full featured M2M Control C600. The unit is equipped with 5 digital inputs, 4 solid-state outputs (1.5A), 2 analog inputs and is powered by 10-36Vdc.

The C610 offers a world-leading extremely high sensitivity SuperGPS 66-channels GPS receiver with unseen performance allowing precise positioning in the most difficult environments such as deep urban or even indoor-tracking.

Based on our  high performance 32-bit ARM7 platform the unit comes with advanced power management and has extremely low power consumption.

The C610 includes a full TCP/IP stack for the communication with GPRS. Standard protocols like SMTP, FTP and MQTT are supported as well as our M2M GPRS Gateway and virtual SMS middleware solution.

The unit is fully supported by the M2M Control IDE development environment (IEC 61131-3 ST) and entirely retroactively compatible entirely retroactively compatible to previous generations.

The C610 has the 95/54/EC / ECE-R10 (E1) approval for automotive electronics.


M2M Control C610


  • Real-time clock
  • Voltage monitoring
  • 3 bi-colored LED's
  • 512 KB for data logs
  • 2 MB flash memory for           
    applications and voice
  • 256 KB for programs
  • 1 MB RAM / 8 KB FRAM
  • SD card reader with FAT       
    file system


  • 1x RS-232 (Optional RS-485)
  • Standard SIM card reader
  • SIM chip support
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Power saving modes
  • Vibration sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • high-performance GPS-receiver
  • MQTT Protocol support



I/O Interface

  • 5 digital inputs
  • 4 solid state outputs:  1.5A, 230V
  • 2 analog inputs:  0-10Vdc, 12 Bit Resolution


  • Quad-band (850900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM
    • CSD data call
    • SMS (text and PDU)
    •  voice, fax
  • GPRS (multislot class 10) with TCP/IP
  • NMEA through the serial ports
  • TCP/IP and UDP
    • FTP
    • Email (SMTP)
    • MQTT


  • Quad-band (850900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM
  • GPS receiver (66-channel)
  • 1x RS-232 port (Opional RS-485)

Power Supply

  • Operating voltage: 10-36 Vdc
  • Consumption:  45-70mA @12Vdc
                         < 1mA in powerdown mode



  • VGA Kamera
  • TYCO Connectors
  • Mounting bracket