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Firmware - latest updates

RTCU Firmware Version 5.04
Released:  June 25, 2019.

Download: Firmware_V5.04


  • Enhanced Garmin FMI (version 3.6) support for NX32 devices, with advanced new features: Custom forms, sensor display, speed alerts, avoidance areas, higher baud-rate, remote reboot and more.

  • Support for GALILEO on M2M Control C6xx device.
    GALILEO is currently supported on C6xx  with serial-number 286844002 and later. New function gnssGetProfile() to query which GNSS systems that are available.

  • New API to manage the Debug / Console log to the file-system.
    See DebugSetLogParam() and debugGetLogParam().

  • New network monitoring API that supports DNS and ICMP PING.
     See netSetMonitorParam() / netGetMonitorParam().

  • Enhanced support for the M2M Control C370
    New 'access technology' parameter added to gsmSetProvider().

  • Virtual-machine support for EIS3 (Enhanced Instruction Set V3):
    •  Dynamic strings with a length of up to 16384 characters.
    •  Unsigned integer with USINT, UINT, and BYTE data types. 
    •  DOUBLE (64 bit) precision floating point support.

  • Support for DOUBLE:
    •  Dual mode FLOAT/DOUBLE precision math library.
    • strToDouble and doubleToStr conversion functions.

  •  Runtime optimization with an up to 10% increase in execution speed.

  •  All relevant functions have been enhanced with support for long strings.

  •  Runtime fault when the maximum number of timers has been exceeded.

  • Support for the enhanced System information and new Network information available in the  M2M Control IDE V9.50.

  •  gsmNetworkTime() extended to return both UTC and the local time.

  •  Enhanced CAN bus filter functionality.


 Bug Fixes:

  •  A problem to connect to LTE NB1 networks on the M2M Control C360.

  • April 6, 2019 GPS week-rollover problem on some devices.
    When the GPS almanac is lost the devices reverts to year 2099 and never returns a position.
  • Powering off the GNSS/GPS receiver did not work correctly resulting in too high power consumption.

  •  Disabling DNS lookup check with "$DNS=0" did not work.



RTCU Firmware Version 4.69
Released:  October 18, 2018.

Download: Firmware_V4.69


Support for the new M2M Control C370 LTE Cat M1 and NB1.


New CAN logger mode with a timestamp for each message.


Approval of certain SD-CARDs from Transcend. The following SD-CARDs were approved: Transcend 4 GB TS4GSDHC4 and Transcend 8 GB TS8GSDHC4.


To take full advantage of this release, it is recommended to install the new RTCU IDE 9.25.



RTCU Firmware Version 4.68
Released:  May 28, 2018.

Download: Firmware_V4.68


 Time-out option (serSendXXX) when sending RS232 data over a channel supporting HW-handshake.

 Enhanced CAN bus recovery during severe bus problems.

Bug Fixes:

 I/O extension did not set correctly outputs on certain Modbus modules.

 C6xx: Modbus did not work reliably at 9600 bps using RS232 serial port 1.

 C6xx: The DTR signal was not set correctly on RS232 serial port 1.

 Invalid day-of-week in SMTP mail header.



RTCU Firmware Version 4.66
Released:  March 12, 2018.

Download: Firmware_V4.66


 gsmGetICCID() now returns the full length from the SIM card.

 New function ioInputDefaultSet() to control the behaviour of
outputs  when an I/O extension fails.

Bug Fixes:

 Detection of multiple simultaneous accelerometer events could stop generating new events.

 Opening a file with an absolute path to the project-drive failed.

 Prolonged time to start UMTS in certain networks on C52x and C3xx devices.

 Possible disconnection in some VMNO environments where switching operators are often performed.

 ioNetEnable failed when called repeatedly.

 DisplayLine did not work when x2 or y2 is smaller than x1 and y1. 



RTCU firmware Version 4.64
Released:  December 25, 2017.

Download: Firmware_V4.64

Bug Fixes:

 Rapidly pressing the reset device several hundred times could freeze the device completely.

 CAN filters for a short range was not correctly created.

 A long MQTT userid or password could reset the device.



RTCU firmware Version 4.62
Released:  June 23, 2017.

Download: Firmware_V4.62


 Improved MQTT support.
 Support for MQTT version 3.1.1. Messages up to 4 KB on NX32 based devices.

 Approval of SD-CARDs from ADATA.
 In addition to Sandisk we also approved the following ADATA 8 GB SD/micro-SD parts: ASDH8GCL4-R and AUSDH8GCL4-R.

 GPS/GNSS filtering changed to work beyond 2019.

 SIM-card ICCID are considered optionally.
 gsmPower() will now no longer enforce that this information is available from the SIM-card.


Bug Fixes:

 GSM start-up/connectivity problems in certain networks on C52x and C3xx MK2 devices.

 Possible watchdog reset during heavy Modbus API communication.

 pmWaitEvent() waiting for GSM could return with an incorrect error code.