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Firmware - latest updates

RTCU Firmware Version 4.66
Released:  March 12, 2018.

Download: Firmware_V4.66


  •  gsmGetICCID() now returns the full length from the SIM card.
  •  New function ioInputDefaultSet() to control the behaviour of
    outputs  when an I/O extension fails.

Bug Fixes:

  •  Detection of multiple simultaneous accelerometer events could stop generating new events.
  •  Opening a file with an absolute path to the project-drive failed.
  •  Prolonged time to start UMTS in certain networks on C52x and C3xx devices.
  •  Possible disconnection in some VMNO environments where switching operators are often performed.
  •  ioNetEnable failed when called repeatedly.
  •  DisplayLine did not work when x2 or y2 is smaller than x1 and y1. 



RTCU firmware Version 4.64
Released:  December 25, 2017.

Download: Firmware_V4.64

Bug Fixes:

  •  Rapidly pressing the reset device several hundred times could freeze the device completely.
  •  CAN filters for a short range was not correctly created.
  •  A long MQTT userid or password could reset the device.



RTCU firmware Version 4.62
Released:  June 23, 2017.

Download: Firmware_V4.62


  •  Improved MQTT support.
     Support for MQTT version 3.1.1. Messages up to 4 KB on NX32 based devices.
  •  Approval of SD-CARDs from ADATA.
     In addition to Sandisk we also approved the following ADATA 8 GB SD/micro-SD parts: ASDH8GCL4-R and AUSDH8GCL4-R.
  •  GPS/GNSS filtering changed to work beyond 2019.
  •  SIM-card ICCID are considered optionally.
     gsmPower() will now no longer enforce that this information is available from the SIM-card.


Bug Fixes:

  •  GSM start-up/connectivity problems in certain networks on C52x and C3xx MK2 devices.
  •  Possible watchdog reset during heavy Modbus API communication.
  •  pmWaitEvent() waiting for GSM could return with an incorrect error code.