Wiegand to RS-485 Serial Converter

The “Wiegand To Serial Converter” (WTSC) was developed to interface access control equipment. For example to connect keyboards and card readers with Wiegand interfaces to access controller or PLC with a RS-485 serial port.

Our “Wiegand To Serial Converter” is equipped with 2 Wiegand interfaces to connect 2 access control devices like card readers. The main reason is that often card readers are mounted on both sides of a door. Both readers share the 3 digital outputs which control the LED’s and the buzzer.

The WTSC has a RS-485 serial interface (optional RS-232). Through this interface the WTSC is connected to an access controller (door controller). The access controller reads/polls the information from the WTSC and controls the digital outputs and the relay. The relay is normally used to control the door opener.

The protocol is MODBUS (Other protocols on request).


  • two Wiegand interfaces
  • RS-485 (MODBUS)
  • Relay

I/O Interface

  • 1 relay output (30Vdc 3A)
  • 3 digital outputs


  • Wiegand


  • 1x RS-485
  • 2x Wiegand (D0/D1)

Power Supply

  • Operating voltage:    10-30 Vdc
  • Consumption:          50 mA @12 Vdc


  • Type:              DIN rail  3TE
  • Weight:           0.200 Kg
  • Protection:       IP20


No accessories