M2M Control C600

The M2M Control C600 is a GSM/GPRS and GPS based remote control unit especially suitable for mobile tracking and control applications. The unit is equipped with an enhanced set of features, including a CAN-bus interface for vehicle bus networks and large memory capacities. The C600 has 5 digital inputs, 4 solid-state outputs (1.5A), 2 analog inputs and is powered by 10-36Vdc. The unit is fully supported by the M2M Control IDE development environment (IEC 61131-3 ST) and entirely retroactively compatible entirely retroactively compatible to previous generations.

The C600 includes a full TCP/IP stack for the communication through GPRS and a 16-channel GPS receiver. The unit supports our M2M GPRS Gateways and virtual SMS middleware solution.

Our new high performance 32-bit ARM7 platform comes with advanced power management and has extremely low power consumption.

The unit has the 95/54/EC / ECE-R10 (E1) approval for automotive electronics.

M2M Control C600


  • Real-time clock
  • Voltage monitoring
  • 3 bi-colored LED's
  • 512 KB for data logs
  • 2 MB flash memory for           
    applications and voice
  • 256 KB for programs
  • 1 MB RAM / 8 KB FRAM
  • SD card reader with FAT       
    file system


  • 2x RS-232 (Optional RS-485)
  • 1-wire & iButton support
  • Full CAN 2.0B controller
  • Standard SIM card reader
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Power saving modes
  • Vibration sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • high-performance GPS-receiver
  • MQTT Protocol support



I/O Interface

  • 5 digital inputs
  • 4 solid state outputs:  1.5A, 230V
  • 2 analog inputs:  0-10Vdc, 10 Bit Resolution


  • Quad-band (850900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM
    • CSD data call
    • SMS (text and PDU)
    •  voice, fax
  • GPRS (multislot class 10) with TCP/IP
  • NMEA through the serial ports
  • SMTP
  • FTP
  • MQTT


  • Quad-band (850900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM
  • GPS receiver (50-channel)
  • 2x RS-232 port (Opional RS-485)
  • 1-Wire Interface

Power Supply

  • Operating voltage: 10-36 Vdc
  • Consumption:  45-70mA @12Vdc
                         < 1mA in powerdown mode



  • Mobile Data Terminal
  • VGA Camera
  • 1-Wire temperature sensor
  • 1-Wire iButton Reader
  • TYCO Connectors
  • Mounting bracket