M2M Control C200

The M2M Control C200 is a low cost general purpose IO module and web server for Remote Access & Control of process or machine data with an Internal modem and Ethernet.

The M2M Control C200 module is available as DIN Rail module with general purpose I/O for: 8 Digital inputs, 8 Digital outputs, 6 Analogue inputs for 0-10V, 4- 20mA or temperature sensors, and 2 analogue outputs.

The M2M Control 200 has an embedded BASIC interpreter for easy programming. Extended command set for control all I/O's  from remote or local console port. The web server has pages for configuration, commissioning, testing, debugging and visualization of process parameters or alarm alerts.

The M2M Control C200 GSM/GPRS or Ethernet (LAN) connection facilitates sending a SMS or email. The module can maintain a real-time UDP link.

The M2M Control C200 has an unique Device2Device (D2D) feature that links memory blocks of one module with memory blocks of an other module. One module can maintain 8 links with 26 variables.

The M2M Control C200 has standard M2MXML features for easy handling of XML commands. (see www.m2mxml.org)

M2M Control C200

Keine Features

I/O Interface

  • 8 Digital inputs Voltage free or 24Vdc (jumper selectable) -
    4 inputs with counter function,
    4 inputs for event driven functions
  • 8 Digital outputs:  Voltage free contacts 0,25A
  • 4 Analog inputs:  0-10Vdc or 4-20mA
  • 4 Analog inputs:  PT1000 for temperature measurement
  • 2 Analogue outputs:  0-10 Vdc 
  • 1 RS-232e console port


  • GSM: SMS functions available
  • GPRS: UPD/IP + SMTP + PPP + FTP + Telnet


  • Internal GSM/GPRS Triband modem
  • Ethernet 10BaseT


  • Track & Trace GPS module
  • Data Logger (external 8Mb instead of internal flash file)
  • External antenna


C200 Users Manual

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