M2M Control C100

The M2M Control C100 module is available as DIN Rail module with general purpose I/O for:

8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 analogue inputs for 0-10V, 4-20mA or Temperature sensors, and one analogue output. The M2M Control 100 has an embedded BASIC interpreter for easy programming. Extended command set for control all I/O's  from remote or local console port.

The module is available in four versions:

The M2M Control C100 GSM/GPRS version has the facility to send a SMS or communicate thru GPRS. The user can dial-in and operate the module through the remote link like a console port. GPRS use gives a TCP/IP connectivity done over a PPP connection for email or real-time UDP link.

The M2M Control C100 MOBITEX version has a real-time connection with a server done over a MOBITEX network using an INTERNAL MOBITEX modem and an external antenna.

The M2M Control C100 CDMA version is functionally the same as the GSM/GPRS version. There are two versions for the USA: VERIZON SPRINT.

The M2M Control C100 SATELLITE is perfect for M2M connectivity anywhere in the world.

M2M Control C100

Keine Features

I/O Interface

  • 8 Inputs Voltage free or 24Vdc (jumper selectable: group of 4): 4 Inputs for counter function, 4 inputs for event driven functions, all inputs have status variable
  • 8 Outputs 24Vdc 0,25 A per port (total no more than 2 Amp)
  • 2 Analog inputs: 0-10Vdc, or 4-20mA
  • 2 Analog inputs: PT1000 for temperature measurement
  • 1 0-10 Vdc analog output
  • 1 I2C interface for options like Data Logger or Track & Trace
  • 1 RS232 console port


  • GSM,CDMA:   SMS functions available
  • SATELLITE version:  E-mail


  • Internal GSM/GPRS Tri-band modem
  • Internal MOBITEX modem,400 or 900 MHz band
  • External Satellite modem
  • CDMA (Sprint and Verizon)


  • Track & Trace GPS Module
  • Data Logger
  • External antenna


C100 Users Manual

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